Claims Procedure

1. How do I make a claim?

If you wish to make a claim you should in the first instance telephone RentGuardian on 0333 240 6016. Calls cost the same amount as a landline call to a 01 or a 02 number and the price is the same for calls from mobile phones. We will be able to take details of your claim and advise you, but will not be able to tell you whether or not your claim is covered. We will then liaise with the underwriters of the policy on your behalf.

This phone line operates from 09.00 to 17.00 Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) and Saturdays from 09.00 until 12.00.

Alternatively you can e-mail

or write to:

The Claims Department,
DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited,
DAS House, Quay Side, Temple Back, Bristol BS1 6NH.


2. What happens next?

This will depend on which type of claim is involved but RentGuardian will advise you as to how best to proceed.

3. Will I need to provide any documentation?

Again this will depend on which type of claim is involved however the standard document usually requested for claims under the policy would include -

A copy of the Tenancy Agreement.
Schedule of Rent Arrears.
Schedule of Dilapidations (if applicable).
Inventory (if applicable).
Tenant/Guarantor references (if applicable).
Copies of any correspondence with the tenants.
Copies of any notices served.

4. When and how will I be notified that the claim is successful?

Once all the requested information has been received and collated, DAS will be able to advise you whether or not the claim has been successful. This will be confirmed in writing.

5. When will I receive payment ?

Each month the Managing Agent or the Landlord must contact DAS to advise of the latest position and ask for the rent to be paid if nothing had been received from the tenants.

6. How will I receive payment ?

BACS transfer

7. If the tenant pays all the outstanding rent, what do I do with the money should I have received payments from the insurers?

DAS must be informed that payment has been belatedly received from the tenants, and they will advise you what needs to be done to return any payments already made.